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How to get Lotus Notes 8.5 on a stick (nomad) to run from the portable applications menu

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Grant Bingham
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How to get Lotus Notes 8.5 on a stick (nomad) to run from the portable applications menu

Lotus Notes 8.5 basic - C1SP2EN.exe(and also not the allcients version) can be installed as a portable application to show as a menu item in portable applications. It will work as per normal - just that it can be launched from the menu. When I say works normally, I mean it makes an icon on the screen, loads itself and then removes itself when you unplug the portable drive.

Following the infocenter instructions:

There are basically four steps:
1. Ensure the user is set to be a roaming user
2. Extract the installation files to a any temp directory
3. Run the command from temp directory: setup /a /v"NOMAD=1 TARGETDIR=F:\ /qb+"
4. Add an ini and ico file

Step 3 comments:
Change the directory to be the directory portableapps where your portable apps are installed. Make it a subdirectory in that: for example, mine is:
Note is whatever the drive letter is for your usb stick

It'll place the autorun.exe file and msi and other directories inside this directory. Portable Apps picks up this autorun.exe file when you refresh it.

Step 4 comments:
Create a ini and ico file for portableapps for Lotus Notes
Create a directory in the Lotus Notes directory called: \app\appinfo
Create an ini file called appinfo.ini and place the following lines in it:

Name=Lotus Notes 8.5
Description=Lotus Notes USB



Last thing, find a Lotus Notes icon file (search a machine that has Lotus Notes installed on it). Copy this file to the appinfo directory and rename it appicon.ico

Basically this last step can be easily done by copying a similar directory in one of the other applications. That's how I did it - I copied the app directory of another application and then customised it's ini file and icon file.

My instructions seem a bit long winded, but it's not tricky really, and it's quick to do. Works like a charm.

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I do this with lotus notes

I do this with lotus notes 7.0.2, working good! thanks

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