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Yahoo Widget Engine Launcher 4.5.1 Development Test 1

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Yahoo Widget Engine Launcher 4.5.1 Development Test 1

Application: Yahoo! Widgets
Category: Utilities
Description: Yahoo! Widget Engine is a desktop customiztion to enhance your desktop, based on Konfabulator. It allows you customizating your desktop with many gadgets, the most downloadable from the official website.

Special thanks to: for its work on the launcher I've updated and packaged.

Download Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 Development Test 1 [238KB download / 385KB installed]
(MD5: 3ff17e573a2b19df6d96107b5647c65e)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2009-08-19): Initial release

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This looks interesting... What customization can you get widgets can you get? And where can we get them?

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Visit Yahoo! Widgets for that stuff

Visit for all the widgets that you can pick up for this.

Please be aware that widgets can vary in usefulness & quality, as they're all made by third parties.

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How exactly does this make

How exactly does this make the yahoo widgets engine portable? It doesn't install anything other than the launcher! Where's the app?

Look forward to this being released, looks good Smile


Well after finding this I tried it to see how portable it is standalone. Not very, would love to see this made portable though as it looks a great app.

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Good idea as this is a great

Good idea as this is a great app (using it with Informer).
But it will be dificult as it will be necesarry to make the widgets work at different screen resolutions.
For Informer for example, you'll also have to modify the settings(drive letters, ...).

Good luck with this Wink

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