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U3 install

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U3 install

Hello all
I am a U3 Newbie and have a question
I downloaded the OOo nprogram from the U3 site from the U# smart disk. It went through all steps but when it finished, it said there was an error and it was not installed. I tried two times and the same result.

My question, if I down load the version from this site and install it on the U#, will I have any problems with running it if I do not let the U3 download and install it?
Thanks in advance for any help

Ryan McCue
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So, you downloaded the non-U3 version of or you downloaded the U3 version?
You can use either but the one from this site will not be added to the launchpad.
You can, however search these forums and you will find how to add it.
There are no differences other than this in getting the U3 version versus the normal version.
Got it?
R McCue

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Last seen: 17 years 9 months ago
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Thanks for the help I

Thanks for the help
I removed the Kingston 2 gig U3 and plugged it in again then it installed ok.
It might have had something to do with Zone Alarm asking permissions and not seeing it right away that may have caused the problem.

So I can run any portable app on this site on my U3. the only difference is that it will not be on my U3 menue and I will have to manually start the program. Is this correct?
Thanks again for the help

Ashes for Tears
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If your willing to spend the

If your willing to spend the effort, see here to add portable programs:
How to add your programs to the U3 Menu

And here for standard-to-portable:
U3 versus PortableApps

You can also use the QuickPort NSIS Template with Portable NSIS to make a custom launcher in place of Registry Rapper.



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