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Incompatibility - Object Dock

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Incompatibility - Object Dock

Just wanted to see if anyone else can confirm. I seem to have found an incompatibility between Stardock's ObjectDock and the Portable Launcher app. I know they are two different beasts, but I wasn't able to ever access the menu more than once before it would stop responding. The application list wouldn't scroll, nothing would happen if you tried to click on the applications, folder links, or settings option. It would require me to eject the drive and re-insert it and launch the platform again.

This happened with both the 1.5 and the new beta version.

I don't know if anyone else happens to be running these apps together or not, nor what it means entirely. But the problem does go away when I exit out of ObjectDock!

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ObjectDock Bug

It's an ObjectDock bug. It has an invisible window over the lower part of the screen and you can't click through it. It affects other apps as well. It's been a bug for a long time so I don't think they're planning on fixing it.

You may be able to work around it by putting the PA.c menu at the top of the screen.

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I run them together

I run them together with no problems

Perhaps some OD bug...

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