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where is the source code of "openoffice portable"

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where is the source code of "openoffice portable"

ALL.I am a flesh man of the site.Can anyone tell me the place of "openoffice portable"-source code?
Thank you very much!

Best wishes!

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Location of source code

You can find links to the source code at the bottom of Portable's page.

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True, but...

That's true, but as with all the other software hosted on this WWW site, the source code download could be made a lot more prominent (this is open source, after all!) As the pages stand atm, the bit at the bottom looks like a bit like the licence information shown by a lot of commercial installers - just some junk nobody reads.

It's also misleading - "Download details"?!! I'd be happier if that section title read "Technical details" - the download link (as far as anyone casually looking at the page is concerned) is the biiiiiiiiiiiiig button right at the top.

Also, the only "download detail" is the link to the source, and MD5 hash (more on that in another post...)

Failing that, why not change this text to "Technical details and source code"? Make it more obvious and helpful!

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There are two source codes for most apps.

Most of the apps here are created by other developers - so there is the original source code, which is what that link at the bottom of the OpenOffice.Org Portable page is.

There is also the source code of the launcher, and any mods to make the app portable.
That source code is distributed with the portable application, in the Other/Source folder of the application folder.

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Hang on...

One of the things in the spec is that all applications should be made as small as possible - compressing executables, etc to take up as little storage as possible?

wtf is the point in including a load of junk useless source in with the installer - taking up space - when most people won't want/need/use it?!!

There's no point in compressing things, if the storage recovered from doing so it just taken up with something that only a few people who download the application will actually want!

Any source code for a launcher should be supplied separatly, and freely available for download to anyone who's interested in getting it!

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I prefer having the source

I prefer having the source downloaded in the folder. We're talking about 10 KB for the installer source.

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Dude... in an era where the

Dude... in an era where the absolute smallest flash drive available to the average consumer is 512mb, and most flash drives you see will be 1gb or more, the couple kb worth of source files doesn't make that much difference. This also simpifies everyone's life, cause 1) People who want the source don't need to download something else, and 2) The dev's don't need to compile/upload another package.

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Please keep my file structure and disc space free of junk.

I do not want my disc space wasted with source code files I will never use.

I do not want useless source code files obscuring my view of USEFUL executables when inspecting my file/folder structure.

I have no objection to junk being available for those who select it,
but please never let it tag along for the ride as part of a standard download.


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