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Script doesn't work

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Script doesn't work

I wrote a small script to backup my files and syncronisize them afterwards:

Backup "aBackup"
Sync "a"
Backup "bBackup"
Sync "b"

(name of the Script: "Syncscript"
(The backup-type is differential)
(the sync-type is "Equalise")

My problem: I want to use this script in the Command line:
"G:\toucan\toucan.exe Script SyncScript"
So... But it says "Creating filelist, this may take some time" for hours.
(In the beginning it worked properly expect that the backup-funktion created a new 7zip file, every time i startet the script (i choose "differential")

- If i start the single functions (or even the Script) in toucan it works properly.

Is there a way to use the Build-in-"Scriptinterpreter" from the Commandline?
Or an other Solution?

I tried the new prerelease (5) of Toucan too, but it allways says: "Not all of the required fields are filled" (Is this an simple bug?:D)

I would be pleased If you could help me

Steve Lamerton
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shall take a look and get back to you, thanks for the report Smile

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