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(un) trusted certificates when starting a portable app

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(un) trusted certificates when starting a portable app

hello everybody,

each time I start a portable app, I get the MS dialog to confirm / trust the vendor/developer of this program - I guess some certificate issue.

I installed the certificate being attached to the apps, using the default MS certificate store. This as such did work, but when starting the next app, I do get the same question again...

What did I miss?

best regards

P. S.: I already posted this some weeks ago but something went wrong - wrong language, wrong forum, incompliance to netiquette (hopefully not)? so this is my second try...

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If you download something from online, Windows will mark the file as such and when you run it, it will ask if you're sure and present the certificate used to sign the app if there was one. All our installers and our launchers are digitally signed. After it is installed, you should not be asked again when running the launcher. If you run the installer again, you will be asked if you didn't tell Windows not to ask you about the file again.

Which app are you having the issue with?

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Windows / (un) trusted certificates when starting a portable app

the issue is with all my portable apps on my PC, I run them from a external USB hard disk.
The portable apps are accessed via an SMB network ressource which is mapped to a network drive letter. Here I do have the issue. The Windows "trust me and run?" dialogue doesn't offer the checkbox "always trust me", just "show certificate" with subsequent possibility to install (which I did without success).

I just found out: when I access them directly via the USB drive letter (plus path) I do not get the "trust me and run?" dialogue, everything runs fine.

So I guess there is nothing wrong but rather this is an intentional windows security feature which checks for access over network or local access.

Is there a specific certificate memory where to put them for having Windows accepting the portable apps in the network, or is there a special registry key to allow execution via network in general (individual for application by application would be better...)? (...if my assumption is right)

I'd like to use the network drive not only locally on the hosting PC but also from a remote PC.

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I have similar setup

probably and so far did not get any problems, smb share provided by linux, flash mapped as drive in it. BUt so far I did use it on w2k and xp , not vista.

Otto Sykora
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Windows / (un) trusted certificates when starting a portable app

sorry, I forgot: The dialogs came up after installation of IE7...

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Yeah, that's something that

Yeah, that's something that came with IE7 and running programs over a network. I remember my campus has several shared computers that when you log in to your user account it runs a bunch of remote apps to log you in to the campus firewall and load your personal settings, and when they installed IE7, all of the sudden there were about 30 of those annoying popups EVERY TIME YOU LOGGED IN before you could do ANYTHING... it sucked.

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