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Is there a "FolderMatch" application ?

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Is there a "FolderMatch" application ?

I'm looking for a portable application that will compare files in a folder and sub-folders and allow you to copy or sync as you choose.

There is a commercal application I really like named FolderMatch at but it cost $35 and it seems you have to buy a seperate copy for every PC you service.

1 - Is there a portable app like FolderMatch?
2 - Can you convert a standard app to a PortableApp?

Thanks for any help.

John T. Haller
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Toucan has synchronization features. You can set it to keep a folder on your PC and a folder on your drive in sync.

As for comparing folders and sub-folders, WinMerge Portable will allow you to do that and see what's different.

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Toucan fits your description somewhat; it's free, it's open source, and it's one of the official portable apps here.

Also, software is natively portable, and must be enhanced to not be, either by tying it into the Registry, or to something like .NET. Most software not made by Microsoft can be made portable. However, it's only legal to alter open source software to be portable, if it isn't already. Commercial software and even closed-source freeware cannot be altered without the permission of the author.

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In my opinion the best of

In my opinion the best of it´s kind FreeFileSync, it has a portable version and it´s open source as well.
You can get it here

Toucan, as pointed out above it´s a good option as well and it´s part fo the PortableApps Suite* Smile

Anyway, there is no need to buy a sincronization/comparison tool, there are tons of free & open source ones around Wink

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there are a lots of them

almost as many as there are things that people mean by "sync"

The bit that trips up most people is that very few of them will propogate deletes correctly.

Some free ones well worth looking at are Allway Sync n Go, Synkron, Unison

The first is natively portable, the second has a portable version on this site, and the third can be found at

Personally, I use the third, since I find that it is the most powerful and flexible, but the price of that is that it is an absolute PIG to set up in the first place.

Of course, there is also Microsoft's SyncToy, which is surprisingly good now, but in no way is that one portable.

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I was searching for something like that - and then i suddenly saw that i already had WinMerge Portable - which was exactly what I was looking for. I can use it to compare the contents of two folders, and to copy any files from one folder to another.

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Surprised nobody mentioned SyncBack. I've been using the freeware version for years (a "pro" version is available at a cost). It's a fantastic program that is fairly straightforward, even for a novice user. I think the freeware doesn't really have any crippling restrictions over the pro version, it's always been satisfactory for my needs.

I'm not sure if it lets you choose the action for each and every file but you can certainly set up extensive rules to determine what gets copied/sync and when. It can give you a log before you perform the actual synchronization to see what files will get copied, and from where i.e. whether source will overwrite destination, that type of thing.

I will say that I've began moving away from it in favor of Toucan simply because it's not portable (it makes use of the registry to store various things). However, it's still an excellent choice for backup/synchronization type activities.

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