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Impossible Idea--Copy2Ram

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Impossible Idea--Copy2Ram

Portable Browsers run really sloooowwww...
Small Linux Distros run relatively fast...
What's the difference, other than the 100 MB?
Small Linux Distros have a copy2ram function that copies the entire OS into the ram.
Portable Browsers do not.

Would it be possible to make a Portable Browser that copies the whole of itself into the ram to

  1. Further delay flash drive wear, and
  2. Make the browsers run faster

I guess not. Unless if somebody is up to the challenge (the whole reason I posted this in the first place :P).

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Download the Fedora 11 ISO

Download the Fedora 11 ISO and the live USB creator. Try that Biggrin

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Good idea

On the Amiga (old Commodore computer), if you had the 256K expansion memory module, you had an icon on the desktop called RAM DISK, which looked like a floppy, only black. You could copy applications to it, and they would run really, really fast (they were responsive, not skipping). Naturally RAM DISK emptied on each reboot.

It's a shame Windows doesn't have a RAM DISK function. Technically it does, but it doesn't work the same. Then again the Amiga had a bunch of stuff Windows still doesn't have, ironically enough. Two-frame icons (idle/active), cursor editor, command prompt right on the desktop, and multi-tasking at 512KB RAM (Bill Gates said you'd need 8MB.)

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but only if caching?

I mean if caching is off, the browser it self is loaded, it will write few cookies and similar small things but what else?
I that case it is same as dls or puppy.

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.... RunLocally doesn't work?

.... RunLocally doesn't work?

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What's that?


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I found an admin-only solution here, but if anyone finds a non privileged solution I would be happy to hear about it.

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