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Multiple Folder Back up

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Multiple Folder Back up

Hi there,
I have three computers (at work, while I don't have admin rights it isn't needed to back up the files I want which are user generated) to back up on a regular basis and thought that this might be a solution to my problems. The major issue I'm having is that Toucan will not backup multiple folders (from My Documents).

I can add the folders to the list but when it comes to hitting OK it doesn't take long and it only backs up a seemingly random folder out of the list and not the whole lot (just shy of 14MB worth of files). I usually only get a couple of files. Anyone come across this before?

J Neutron
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Do it the other way around

Toucan doesn't back up random sets of folders into one archive.

Instead, make the job back up the My Documents folder and exclude the folders below My Documents that you don't want to backup (hint: right click on the folder).

Alternately, make a backup job for each folder you do want, and then use the Scripts tab to run a job that runs each of the backup jobs consecutively.

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Randomize Your Life

A "Backup Random Folders" button would be great for those days you feel like taking some risks! Biggrin

Otherwise, what J Neutron said.

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