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Ideas for the Platform

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Ideas for the Platform

I've been thinking about some improvements in's platform. Maybe there could be a tool to customize the menu, by adding a picture to the background, or by changing the color of the menu. And to organize the platform, there could be user-defined groups for apps! I don't know much about development, but if that could be possible, it would be a great improvement.

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Welcome to PortableApps

Your first idea is called Themes. The menu has built-in support for themes, and comes with a selection of different colored themes.
There has been a ton of discussion about custom themes on these boards, but it's best for a new person to skip all the old stuff and jump straight to the theming on the latest menu:
Has links to MrElchbau's tutorials on this.

Your second idea, categories, is supposed to be included in the next release of the menu, coming soon, we hope.

Hope this helps!

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drive security

Could you maybe integrate a password protection option(or drive security option)? I just have a drive with U3 on it and password protection I think is a good idea.

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User defined groups, awesome

User defined groups, awesome idea!

I was really wanting that but didn't know how to say it.

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please search for the

please search for the intricate details on why this will not work.

The recap is that u3 does this by hardware. We cannot change hardware. I think there's also some partioning tricks involved, and we cannot do that either. At least not an winxp and below. Probably not even on vista.

Even shorter: not going to happen.

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