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aMSN contact list

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aMSN contact list

I downloaded aMSN but I can't see any contacts no matter if they are offline or online. Please, where is the problem?

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Same problem, but fixed itself

I've been using aMSN for about a year. My contact list disappeared also and was empty for about a week. It came back a couple days ago. I'm not sure what happened, but maybe it has something to do with Windows Live's server?

I got around it by clicking "Actions" "Send Message" and then it shows a basic list of contacts and online status in a new window.

So, I would say don't give up on aMSN, maybe try it again in a few days unless someone else has a solution?

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This seems to be more a problem with the actual program aMSN. The people at their site might be able to help better since they know it better. Maybe someone will post here but you will probably get more answers there.
Woops forgot their site XD

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