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FileZilla: Removing old version from Portable Apps Menu

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FileZilla: Removing old version from Portable Apps Menu

I had an old version of Filezilla installed on my thumb drive and when I installed version, it made a separate entry. Every other program just updated the existing install, but this upgrade left me with 2 Filezilla menu entry. The old may not even be installed anymore, but how do I remove the duplicate entry.

I don't want to muck around where I don't know what I am doing, so I look to the experts.


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Pretty Simple

First, try going to options -> refresh app icons. If that doesn't work, go into the PortableApps folder on your drive. How many times can you see FileZilla Portable? Figure out which is the old one, or better yet, delete both and reinstall it.

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Before you go deleting anything

Make sure you back up your settings!
Open FileZilla, and then choose File>Export. Export the Site Manager and Settings, which will save all your settings INCLUDING passwords!

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