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Update bug - why does it update when updating is turned off?

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don gilcrease
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Update bug - why does it update when updating is turned off?

This may be addressed elsewhere in this forum, but I do not have the time or inclination to go through the forum to find it, so here is my problem:

I have version 3.5.3 installed, and the update options all unchecked in Options > Adanced > Update. Do not assume I do not have the options unchecked, as I absolutely do. However, Firefox continues to update itself, as well as the addons, and can't seem to update itself correctly.

I have it on a portable hard disk, and today, it updated itself to v 3.5.5, although the update option has always been unchecked, but where it updated to I have no idea whatsoever, as it did not update to the same place it is on the portable hard disk. It shut down the sessions I had open, and when it restarted, all my bookmarks and addons were gone. Well, not actually, as it had not updated itself to the same place as the current installation. I stopped it and went to the current installation location and started it from there, as usual, and everything is fine, but where did it update itself too? And why in the hell does it update when the update options are turned OFF? I need a fix for this.