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Best method for back/forth sync with Portable Thunderbird (+firefox)

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Best method for back/forth sync with Portable Thunderbird (+firefox)

Is there a simple solution to keeping Thunderbird and Portable thunderbird synchronized?

Right now I copy the profile directory back and forth, but if I've made changes on both, then I accidentally overwrite one. Any advice on how to efficiently maintain a single profile in two different places?

(the same question applies to Firefox, with respect to bookmarks, etc.)


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For Firefox only...

For Firefox you should check out Google Browser Sync (

It's capable of syncing cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, history, even tabs and windows. It does add a litte bit to the start up and shut down times on Firefox and Portable Firefox but I am using it with great success across versions of Firefox and Portable Firefox on various systems and OSes.

Of course you need to add the extension to all of your Firefox instances.



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