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Can´t pass through registration

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Can´t pass through registration


I want to start OpenOffice with Writer and hence need to go through registration (couldn't find any topic in the forum already related to that). When it comes to the window "registration" the button NEXT is gray meaning I can#t click it. I can just click finish installation and this kicks me out of the installation.

Btw: I have also problems with making Thunderbird work with GMX (see other forum).
Is anybody recognizing in my description any general problem afftecting whole platform?
It is quite disappointing...second application I try to start, second issue..hope still to make it al work

Thanks for a feedback.

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In the registration window,

In the registration window, if I'm thinking of the right one, select the radio button that says "I do not wish to register" and hit next. Or if you are at the form to fill out your info, you need to go back a screen and select that option before continuing.

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Install Location

What location did you install to on the drive? Something other than the recommended and supported X:\PortableApps? has problems with longer paths.

Also what is your drive formatted as, FAT32? Or did you manually do NTFS and, if you did, were you sure to disable security to avoid issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (which don't like NTFS on removable devices)?

Finally, try installing it to a local hard drive. Just to C:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable to test it on a machine you own. This will help rule our problems with your portable drive.

As mentioned, there are, literally, millions of people using these apps, so there is no greater issue affecting the platform. Something is up with your particular setup.

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