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Problem with new 3.5.7 italian version

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Problem with new 3.5.7 italian version

Hi. I've tried to update my firefox portable in italian, but I have seen there's a problem. The update file for italian version is about 400 kb, too small...and when I tried to update firefox didn't work...
Luckyly I've a copy on my HDD so I can use previous version, but I hope you'll work to re-update the italian version correctly.

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The italian version is way too small.
Hope John fixes this.

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The Italian version is bugged

The Italian version is bugged and ruined my previous version of portable firefox, so I can't open it anymore and I don't have a recent backup.
Let's hope they fix it ASAP.

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I've fixed it and sent it up. It will take a bit to hit the download mirrors.

Your data is intact and will be there when you install 3.5.6 or the fixed 3.5.7 over your current broken install.

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