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My Portable OpenVPN 2.1.x

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My Portable OpenVPN 2.1.x

Since OpenVPN and OpenVPN GUI both require Registry settings I have made my own custom OpenVPN 2.1.x using AutoIT Script 3.0 (latest Beta)

Pretty much what it does is Copies the OpenVPN directory to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN and then imports the Registry settings into the registry then Installs the OpenVPN TAP Adapter then opens OpenVPN GUI 1.04 (from and auto starts a Server connection (waiting for connections on tcp 6789). When the GUI is closed then C:\Program Files\OpenVPN is deleted and the TAP adapter is removed then the reg settings that where imported are deleted and everything is back to normal.

Since my knowledge of AutoIT is new and limited I am sure someone out there can improve this a lot more but none-the-less is works.

I have included the AutoIt Script in the below URL along with a working build.

Please let me know what you think.


Eric Peterson
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Question for you.

I have used AutoIt many times. I love it for automating processes that I require mouse clicks. I keep getting an error after compiling the script. The error is with gui.exe. It keeps saying "The procedure entry point OPENSSL_add_all_algorithms_noconf could not be located in the dynamic link library libeay32.dll". I didn't see gui.exe when I downloaded OpenVPN. Is this something you created? Can I get the code for it if it is? Thanks alot.

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Hmmm not sure about that

Hmmm not sure about that error. I had tried it out on a few diff machines both XP and 2000. I would have to look at it a little more. But the AutoIt source .AU3 should be in the rar file If you do not see it let me know and I will post a link to just the Source. And yes this is something I made myself.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is if you have another copy of libeay32.dll of diff version in your system root or %PATH%.

gui.exe should be in the rar file as well.

Again this is very early beta if not alpha of my attempt to make OpenVPN portable. I already have plans on changing some of the code in the AutoIt script but since my knowledge of AutoIt is limited things might go a little slow.


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New Portable OpenVPN Launcher

Since I now have a better understanding on how to code in AutoIT I have redone a new Launcher. I have completely rewrote the code.

This one is just a launcher for the OpenVPN gui made my (

Simply put the compiled script into the same directory as OpenVPN and run it.

When run it will simply create the reg entries needed by both OpenVPN and OpenVPN GUI and then Copy over some pre-made OpenVPN connections I have made for both a server and client and then run \Bin\AddTap.bat to install the TAP Adapter then run the GUI (made by After the GUI is is closed it will remove the reg entries that it created previously and run DellTapAll.bat located in \bin\ folder.

This is just another attempt I am making into making more and more little apps portable.

Requirements :

You need be logged in to the Windows'XP/2000/2003 machine as a user that has local admin permissions.

Download including AutoIT source is below.

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The files at rapidshare no longer exist

Hello, could you please repost your work and link here? The rapidshare link no longer works. Thanks!

mike S
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Portable OpenVPN

Hi, I'm also interested in downloading your version of Portable OpenVPN. They've deleted it out of rapidshare because it's been inactive too long. If you could reposit it back in that would be great!

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Need it too

It would be very nice to get it again ...

Lu Chen
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Please reup...

Hello MrChris,

i´m very interessted on your Portable OpenVpN. Please reup.

King Regards Ralf

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me too

I'm setting up a client with OpenVPN server and laptops as clients, and they wondered abt VPN on a usb stick, and i was like not possible... at this time... but if this can be made to work, im interested...

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Where is it?

Sorry, but the file is not available on "rapidshare". Is it available anywhere else?
Please put it somewhere.

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Doing it with a script instead

I used something like this to install a tap device if it wasnt installed. tapinstall.exe has to run with full rights unfortunately. Use F4 to close openvpn.exe.

win32 grep+deps from

%CD%\bin\tapinstall.exe hwids tap0801 | ..\grep\grep.exe "No matching devices found."
IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 %CD%\bin\tapinstall.exe install %CD%\driver\OemWin2k.inf tap0801
cd bin
openvpn.exe --config ovpn.txt
cd ..

and i suppose if you want it to remove the tap interface afterwards you could call this when openvpn.exe exits, which should remove all traces from the system.

%CD%\bin\tapinstall.exe remove tap0801

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Need this...

The link is down please reup!

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could you please post a working link? the one you posted doesn't work

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