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A Cleaner software before you eject your thumbdrive

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A Cleaner software before you eject your thumbdrive

There is an app called After Work

But it is for U3 thumbdrives. Is anyone working on something like this or is there something out there? I would be very interested. I do not like the U3 and have followed John and the portable apps for years and would love to have an app like this. Anyone else looking for this? I would love to help develop it. But I am not that good at coding. Thanks for any help that anyone has or may already have!

John T. Haller
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It's completely unnecessary if you use Firefox Portable.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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I thought that it cleaned

I thought that it cleaned temp files and open documents and other things not just your browsing history?

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none of which should be needed

PortableApps run from your flash drive, and clean up after themselves as you close them.

U3 apps are a lot less consistent in this, and some make a lot more use of the local hard disk for storage.

The things cleaned up by the app you refer to should never be left behind by the portable apps released on this site.

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Ok that helps me understand.

Ok that helps me understand. I was just looking to use it at work but unsure of what I was leaving behind. Thanks!

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Many things left behind

The list of recent documents (opened during a work session), for example, or the prefetch data (which contains a list of programs executed) shall remain, however, this is not a PortableApps platform but a Windows "issue". Some details of the connected removable devices also maintained.

But if you aren't doing anything illegal and not dealing with forensic experts, then this is just fine ;), so there's nothing to worry about.

To erase all of your traces from a computer, you will need some specialized software and/or a free space (secure) wiper as well. Better use a live CD instead in such cases.

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It almost sounds like a dumbed down version of CCleaner. If you search the forums you can find a portable version of that.

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CleanAfterMe and CCleaner


Without admin rights it doesn't clean everything but I am confident it clears recent docs without. Using CleanAfterMe Portable in tandem with CCleaner Portable and Glary Utilities Portable (Glary requires admin) is probably your best bet to portably clean all that you can on Windows with/without admin rights.

Hope that helps Smile Advocate

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