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Documents folder name incompatible with Windows Mobile

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Documents folder name incompatible with Windows Mobile

I would like to point out a compatibility issue with my Windows Mobile PDA running WinMo 6.5

I use my PDA's drive mode (it becomes as a cardreader for it's microsd card, so it works as a usb flash drive). I have a lot of portable apps on it, which i use daily. This works perfectly, except for one thing: in Windows Mobile 6.5, the documents folder is called "My Documents" in stead of "Documents". So my pda it keeps on making the folder "My Documents" and subfolders like "My Music", "My Pictures" and "My Ringtones".

So, now i'm using a documents folder named "My Documents", and i accept that i cannot open the folders from the portableapps menu.

This is an issue everybody with a windows mobile pda with portableapps will encouter. The solution is allowing people to rename the Documents folder. I know there are mods that do this, but i hope the incompatibility with windows mobile will make this a feature request worth considering.

John T. Haller
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You'll soon be able to change the location of the 4 folders in the Menu as you'd like. They'll work with the apps, so if you set your Documents folder to My Documents, the portable apps that take advantage of that folder will no to look in your custom one.

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Courageous effort, unreal dudes

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Was this feature ever added?

Was this feature ever added? I too am still having the same issue on my PDA.

(I just downloaded 2.0Beta5 too)

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I would bet its a feature of 2.0betaN (where N >5)

As Beta 5 was delayed like 4 days due to last minute bugs i would think that the later betas will add a few more features.

hey John does the updater work for the platform its self??

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This issue / feature request

This issue / feature request has been on the table since January, I was just curious if it was even being considered.

The folder buttons, as they are now, are pretty useless and unnecessary duplication of the structure within "My Documents".

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