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Command line version of Portable Pidgin?

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Command line version of Portable Pidgin?

I hear there is a command line version of Pidgin (or what became Pidgin - Gaim). If that's still available as an active tool, it should be bundled with Portable Pidgin so that we can also use the terminal non-GUI version portably, and/or have both options via the Portable Pidgin package (GUI or non-GUI).

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Finch: no

I'm told in #pidgin that that's Finch, and that there's no version available for Windows.

Incidentally, we have no intention of supporting command line tools at; we really only deal with GUI things. Apart from that, it wouldn't work with our launcher anyway as our launchers are not command-line applications but rather windowed applications. Due to that, any command line window started from a launcher would get its own window and thus not be usable from a terminal.

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