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Help needed with Delphi source

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Mark Sikkema
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Help needed with Delphi source

One of the last plug-in needed for Unicode NSIS, is MoreInfo !

I've tried to contact the developer, but he doesn't seem to be actively developing this plug-in any more since 2006.

As it is developed with Borland Delphi v7.1.1, I'm not able to do anything with this.

Can anybody help to modify this plug-in to be used with Unicode NSIS ???

MoreInfo forum tread
MoreInfo plug-in on
Unicode NSIS development on PA.c

Ps.: I couldn't find anything about the license, but I expect it to be the regular NSIS license

John T. Haller
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zlib/libpng license

"All NSIS source code, plug-ins, documentation, examples, header files and graphics, with the exception of the compression modules and where otherwise noted, are licensed under the zlib/libpng license."

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