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Second Life Portable

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Second Life Portable

Application: Second Life
Category: Communication
Description: The Second Life client allows you to connect and interact with the Second Life grid, the most popular a virtual world.

I simply made an online installer using PortableApps.comLauncher and the PortableApps.comInstaller. All they do is move the Application Data in and out of the portable adds data directory. This is my first attempt at this launcher.

Download SecondLifePortable_1.23.5_build_136262_test_2_online.paf.exe

There's still the problem of the default directory for the client's cache. By default the client sets it in the Local Settings directory.

Test 2: fixed help file in package.

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I know this is an old post, but...

Could you upload the file to a different server, say Mediafire?
Megaupload got the axe.

The best things in life are simple, portable, and free. Let's make an app for that.

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