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Pidgin: Use Portable Browser

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Pidgin: Use Portable Browser

Does anyone know if there is a way to have pidgin open hyperlinks (and anything else that opens a browser) in a portable browser? It is just a minor annoyance but it seems odd that it opens up the browser specified on the computer currently in use.

I saw a browser tab in pidgin preferences mentioned a few times on a Google search but I could not find this anywhere in the software itself...

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Firefox Portable needs to be open. Then it should intercept all clicked links.

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If it should, well currently

If it should, well currently it doesn't on my system.

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My Tests

I just tested this with:
Firefox version 3.0.13 (Portable)
Pidgin version 2.7.1 (Portable)

As long as Firefox Portable was open before I clicked the link it opened in Firefox portable. I also have Firefox installed on my local hard drive and set to be my default browser... this seems to be the key. If you change the default browser on the PC to Internet Explorer it will ignore Firefox Portable (and locally installed version) and open in Internet Explorer. If Firefox is installed locally and set as default it will open the locally installed copy of Firefox or, if already running, Firefox Portable.

At least it did for me... Smile


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