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Trojan found straight from the install, help.

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Trojan found straight from the install, help.

TR/Dldr.Zlob.VV.2 Reinstalling from the site dosent help. Either it reinfects instantly, or its in the package. in any case, all AntiVir does is delete the exe, and still new ones are infected. (if thats what is happening) It only seems to like portablefirefox.exe

just sharing, i'll find a way to kill it.

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It's Antivir

AntiVir has issues with trojan detection and often has false positives (seeing trojans where there are none). This has happened at least three times in the past with AntiVir and is noted on the Known Issues section of the Portable Firefox Support page. You'll need to contact AntiVir to get them to fix their mistake again.

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other download (de) may solve the problem

I've got the same problem with this version of PTB downloaded as zip-file.

There is an alternative download for german version of portable thunderbird,
go to this homepage:

AntiVir doesnt report that its occur problems with trojans

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