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Warzone 2100 version 2.3 Beta

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Warzone 2100 version 2.3 Beta


I'm having a hard time making the Beta version portable ( no much experience )

The file/folder structure of this game is strange and different than other games I worked with.

any advise on how to make this portable is welcomed.

you may not have to update the beta ever time, just make one release and once we get the launcher and Folder structure we can copy the new Beta overwriting the old files.

besides, mentioned on their forum that this is the last beta but no word on when the stable 2.3 will be released,

so please, any help.

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Warzone is already

Warzone is already Portable.

Please wait for the stable. Otherwise, try to replace the WarZonePortable\App\WarZone folder with WarZone 2.3 beta. There's no guarantee of portability doing this though.

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