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Flash and Gears on Chrome

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Flash and Gears on Chrome

Three questions:
1. If I install Flash on Chrome, will it install on the host machine? If not, is there any way I can put it on the USB drive?
2. If I enable offline access on Google Docs or GMail using Gears, where is my data stored: host machine or USB drive?
3. Is there any way I can put Chrome application shortcuts (SSBs) in my PA.c menu?

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I have the same question for the following reason. Anyone have an answer?

I'm trying to get Gmail offline and portable. Currently, the two best options I see are:

1. Thunderbird-Portable
2. Firefox-Portable + Gears-Portable

However, I'm having trouble with Thunderbird-Portable, so now I'm trying option number 2. If I find out that Chrome supports portable gears, I'll probably switch from Firefox to Chrome.


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