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Anyone actively working on FreeMind?

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Anyone actively working on FreeMind?

Freemind v.0.9.0_RC7 was released two days ago. (see: I was wondering if the PortableApps version would ever see the light of day?

I've searched the forums and people having been asking for this as far back as 2008. It's been in "RC" mode for about 2 years on SourceForge.


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rab040ma used to work on it (and a bunch of other Java apps) but I haven't seen him around here much recently.

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Too bad

It's a shame, because I don't know of anything like it.

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FreeMind 0.9.0 rc 6 Seems Stable

-- I've been using FreeMind 0.9.0.rc6 for several months fairly extensively and have found no real issues. I use same set of .mm files on external USB drive opening & editing them interchageably between v 0.9.0rc6 on Mac and v 0.8.1 (stable version) on Linux. (Only issue is to ensure that extended capabilities of 0.9.0 are avoided.) In a few cases, I've found that hyperlinks between .mm files set up in one OS may not function when using from another OS; however, it's simple matter of resetting the hyperlink in the other OS.
-- I have used PApps 0.9.0rc version enough on MS/XP to validate that it functions O.K., but not tested it extensively. But, while some PApps launcher will load & function using Linux/Wine, not all portable applications will function, including the 0.9.0rc PApps version.
-- Just discovered rc7 and have not installed it yet, but fully expect it to be at least as stable as rc6.

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Thumbs Up for FreeMind

I've recently discovered the joys of mind-mapping with FreeMind. I think it's great, it's helped me plan out some problem solving methodology's, in a visual way that's easy to follow. I'm kicking myself for not taking a closer look at mind mapping software sooner.

FreeMind would be a great addition to the PortableApps suite. At the very least, if not this then some other free Mind-mapping software. You can sort of do the same thing with Dia, but that isn't really the purpose for which that particular program was intended.

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Talk about perpetual beta!

I love Freemind, but if you check their site, the stable version is 0.8.1, released in Feb 2008 - and that's only a tiny bugfix of 0.8.0, which was released in Sep 2005!
If you have been following their wiki, it really looks like it's a victim of Scope Creep. Check this out:
If you keep putting off release for just one more request, you never release.
I prefer when developers make a set list of changes, and stick to it, so they can actually finish and release!

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Agree, re: Perpetual Beta

-- Checked out hyperlink and tend to agree with conclusion of scope creep problem. Looks like they need someone on their collaboration team to help them update & move forward their standard Open Source development fork process.
-- Appears to be the old issue showing it's ugly head: "The only way to finish the program is to kill the programmer" -- something, from which too many of us perfectionists suffer.
(NOTE: Myers-Briggs version of that wisdom: "If you want to get something done in this century, don't assign it to a 'P' to manage" -- see . )
-- One issue for PApps: I've found that FreeMind will not launch on PC with no JRE installed. I'm aware of a supposed PApps fix for this but have not made the time to make it work. Some other portable apps also suffer from this issue. Other than that, my limited use of the PApps version has not turned up any real issues, especially as interoperable functionality with Mac & Linux installations against same set of MindMap files.

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Freeplane is a branch of freemind. The files type are the same, perfectly compatible.
Already exist a portable version.
There are many new features, like for example the spell check.

How to insert freeplane into apps available for download from PApps website ?

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it would be great

it would be great to have freemind in portable format, as well together with freeplane...

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