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Thunderbird won't launch (?)

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Thunderbird won't launch (?)

Dear all,

I'm a noob; please be gentle.

I'm kind of new to portable apps and decided to give them a try. Installed Thunderbird Portable 3 in my pen drive and though it launches, syncs with Gmail and what not in the first attempt, after a second time it just won't launch.

Kindly note that I am running Windows 7. For some reason after I deleted the Thunderbird Portable folder (with my data included) and reinstall/sync everything it works... once. If I exit and attempt to launch it just won't start.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Ran a search already and couldn't find anything similar to my issue on the board.

For what is worth, I love Thunderbird and am fairly excited with the possibility of having it on a USB with all my Gmail emails, Google Calendar and Contacts.


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Same problem

I have the same problem, Thunderbird portable runs fine from my USB-disk on Windows XP, but fails to launch on my new Windows7 notebook. It comes up with the splash screen and then dies... Re-installing TBportable does not help.
When I do a clean re-install of TBportable it runs fine, but without my mail, address book, etc.

Anyone any idea?


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