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Which tool for watching ? (+print) .... registry changes, new files and folders, system changes .... when installing new app ?

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Which tool for watching ? (+print) .... registry changes, new files and folders, system changes .... when installing new app ?

Which tool for watching ? (and printing) .... registry changes, new files and folders, system changes .... when installing new app ?

I use Revo Uninstaller Pro (but that can only fully uninstall and removes all traces behind programs)

but not a list of changes after installation

Recommend some easy-to-use and free tool.

That could help you (devs) on new requested apps from us (users) to notifing you

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RegShot (Portable)

It's that easy to use, very basic, but does everything I need to keep track of the changes made !

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For starters, RegShot is the simplest way to go (and it's free and open source). Just remember to let it scan both the registry and files in drive C: (usually only these 3 folders are enough: C:\Windows; C:\Program Files; C:\Users or C:\Documents and Settings - depending on the version of Windows. I assume here that your Win install is on C:\ drive, if it is not, adjust the paths accordingly).

There is a portable version somewhere on the forums, you can use the search feature on the top right corner of the screen. If you have a slower machine, it may be a little better to use the "regular" (meaning not from these forums) version of RegShot, since it's portable by nature, and leaves no settings behind. Version 1.8.2 is the best, but it's not Unicode.

Note: RegShot must be used to scan registry and files first before the change (i.e: installation), and than again after the change, and it will automatically compare those two regshots. I know it's logical, but it's important to mention it since some people assume it has something like a "live" feature where it would report about any reg entry as it happened - well it doesn't! There are tools that do exactly that, but you asked for easy, simple, free and open source program, and this is the simplest one that even all the experienced developers here use.

Your only problem will be learning which registry entries are normal, which are irrelevant, and which are important. Without going into further details, you can always ignore entries that have *\MUICache\* in them, or MRU, and from files you can ignore those that are standard Windows log files, the files about recently opened files (index.dat) and similar. If you need it, you'll get a hang of it soon. For support, please first Google, since RegShot is well documented and explained on the Internet. If you can't find a helpful tip/solution using Google, you can always try the support chat of -

Hope that helped. Cheers Smile

PS: damn, Gringoloco beat me to it while I was typing Smile

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