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Why doesn't this portableapps program appear on here?

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Why doesn't this portableapps program appear on here?

They offer the PortableApps Version of SIW on that website.

But why isn't it available here on this website?

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Closed source? Distribution?

They're distributing it. The Format is an open format that anybody can use. isn't necessarily an index for all of it, though that's a big part of this site. Also, if it's closed source software, can't legally distribute it without permission. could seek that permission, but it hasn't happened yet and may not. It's not necessary, just as Adobe doesn't index every PDF out there. Same kind of situation.

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PAF free for all!

Developers/programmers of applications anywhere in the world are free to use the Portable Apps format to distribute their applications if they wish. They are not obligated to be affiliated with Microsoft could distribute Office 2020 in PAF format if they really wanted to (although highly unlikely).

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