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base - run time error soffice.bin when adding a record through a insert only form

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base - run time error soffice.bin when adding a record through a insert only form

hello - I'm reporting a bug for you to fix.
bug description:
When adding a record to a table, through a standard insert only form, a runtime error concerning soffice.bin message is received and the openoffice crashes. the record is not added.
In the same configuration on a regular computer (more disk space ofcourse), this problem doesn't occur.

system details:
the computer is asus eee 7'' 4gb
free space I reached in C is 1.4 gb
windows xp home edition
java jre6 installed on computer
openoffice portable 3.2 english installed on the usb disc
512 ram, 630 mhz
My swap file is 300 mb (I decreased it to get more disc space)

memory details:
the available p.memory is 290 mb before starting base, and 215 mb after loading base portable with the db and 200 after opening the form. the db size is 80k.

on my regular computer - where the problem doesn't occur - memory details:
I have the same 512 mb memory, and only 100 was available before base, 90 mb after loading base portable, and 52 mb after loading the form. and still It worked much faster and did not crash.

solutions -
I renamed the openofficePortable library on the usb disc
I installed the 3.1.1 english version on the usb disc.
I created a new DB and created the same table and form.
Opening the Base, table, and form - works much faster, and the problem doesn't occur - no crashing.

good luck.

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I'll test on my own EEPC but ...

... this seams to be a machine releated problem, because it works on Your other machine (and a lot of other machines I've tested) too.

It could be a problem with the JRE installed on the EEPC. Please install the portable JRE from here: and try it again.

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

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