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Quick newbie info needed for non=(nada) user

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Quick newbie info needed for non=(nada) user

Hi all-Bear with me. I know next to nothing about computers, but am attracted to lite OPEN SOURCE concept. I just installed PA on my netbook to see if they will speed things up. Windows XP would not let me create a new folder at root level. So for time being I created a desk top Portable Apps destination folder. Is this okay?

Next, my goal is to have entire contents of hard drive plus portable apps installed on an external drive so I can travel lite and do some image work with Gimp and your vector graphics software. I'm not finding instructions on how to set this up. And will the lite apps work with the files already on my computer?


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All you have to do is install

All you have to do is install the PortableApp to the your HDD directly. Don't install to the Desktop and copy it over.

The lite apps are just apps pre-packaged into the platform suite. It's the same as the apps in full and the applications list.

GIMP Portable and Inkscape Portable will work fine with editing local files Smile

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You aren't really meant to

You aren't really meant to install to the local drive. As said above, just copy your portableapps to the portable hard drive.

Also, it sounds like you want to copy the WHOLE DRIVE! This is not possible via logging in. I could tell you how to do it but there is no point as you can not really boot in the way you expect without MAJOR changes and a newbie would not be able to do that (I can barely do that, and I'm a computer technician among other things). Sorry if this sounds nasty but it's pretty much impossible for a newbie.

However you can copy the portableapps stuff over. If there's anything you need clarified, go to the IRC channel. It is just like instant messaging. You can contact us there.

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