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Don't Panic!

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Don't Panic!

Hello everybody!

I am the author of a few open-source applications... one of them is Don't Panic! ( Development has stopped for one and a half years (until September last year). I restarted work on it and today I noticed somebody put an older version of my software for testing. (back in 2008)

It seems there are a lot of steps in order to do an application portable (although mine is portable by definition - you can copypaste it on any USB drive, will run just fine, an it won't leave any traces on the host computer) and since this work has been done for an older version is there any way to take control over that and add the new version - or at least let the author of that post know my project has been updated? Or, better yet, do my own post?


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Are you asking for step by

Are you asking for step by step assistance?

You should be able to copy the executable to the folder "App/Dontpanic" or similar, depending on what it is. This should automatically update it, and depending on how the naming is done, it may run it may not. It all depends on how it handles the computer as well by which it sounds to not matter here.

If the executables are all given the same name at release, then copying in this manner is not a problem, otherwise you must rename it to what the original executable is or change the launcher.ini (found under "App/appinfo/launcher" folder. It will be a text file). It should be something like "App/(program sub-directory)/(program executable.exe)".

Good luck with this.

Shane Thompson.

Shane Thompson

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No not really...

No, not really... The posts that I was talking about are and ... This is for version 1.2 (older one) and the post (as you can see is not mine). Is there any way to release a new beta since the user who has uploaded that seems to have stopped making updates to it?

In other words... I want to add my software to PA, but it has been uploaded by somebody else and it seems to me as it is dead. Can I make a fresh topic?

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You're the boss!

There's nothing to stop you adding a PA.c format available for download from your site. I don't believe "Don't Panic Portable" has been officially released, so I can't see why you can't just create your own (newer) PA.C version.

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Indeed. He just needs to

Indeed. He just needs to make sure any data is sent to a data folder, then create the appicons and such.

For an example of a portable by definition implementation, you can check out autoclose. The important things are the appinfo.ini and appicon.ico in app\appinfo.

You can also look at toucan for that same setup.

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