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Abiword Portable 2.8.6 manifest

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Abiword Portable 2.8.6 manifest

On my XP PRO SP3 I cannot open latest release (Abiword Portable 2.8.6) and I get these event errors:

Error ID 34
source: SideBySide
Description: [something about identity found in manifest...]

Error ID 58
source: SideBySide
Description: "syntax error in file manifest file or criteria "D:\work\zip\AbiWord Portable286\App\AbiWord\bin\Microsoft.VC90.CRT.MANIFEST"; line 11"

Error ID 59
source: SideBySide
Description: "...Generate Activation Context failed..."

Note than dlls in bin folders seem conformed to manifest
msvcm90.dll - 9.0.30729.1
msvcp90.dll - 9.0.30729.1
msvcr90.dll - 9.0.30729.1

Renaming msvc*90.dll in path don't solve the problem.
I solved it overwriting manifest


with manifest of 2.8.2 release - which is different in line 8:
version="9.0.30729.1" (has error)
version="9.0.21022.8" (works fine)