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Possible Bug in Updater

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Possible Bug in Updater


first of all Portable Apps is really cool Smile Thanks a lot...

but, I think there could be a small problem with the Updater, especially with Portable Apps like Google Chrome. I'm running F-Secure Internet Security. If the Installer tries to download the online parts, F-Secure popups a request if its allowed. If I'm not fast enough, the download will fail and the updated Software is incomplete. So far, everything would be ok, but if I start update again, this app is marked as already updated, which is wrong. So please, if an download fails during the update, please mark this App as not updated yet.

Thanks for reading...


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Bug Confirmed

I have written about this bug here

When you are behind a firewall the Online-Installer will fail because it's in the Temp folder and you can't make a rule for it because every version has a different name.

and when the Update fails and you try to re-attempt the update you get the message "Apps up to date" and you are left with a broken Chrome.
you need to download the installer and Update the old way by installing the new version over the old version.

In the mean time, you will need to disable firewall before updating:
Check For Updates > Update is found? > disable firewall > Continue and finish Update > re-Enable firewall

Q: How to Update chrome from behind Vista Firewall without disabling firewall ?

I have already forwarded "PortableAppsUpdater.exe" and "PortableAppsPlatform.exe"
I realized that "PortableAppsPlatform.exe" doesn't need to access the net, right?
and the Updater only downloads the Installer, then the installer installs the folder structure and Launcher then attempt to download chrome.
When Update fails the Updater (for some reason) thinks Chrome was successfully Updated.
how does the Updater determents whether an App is Updated or not ? I'm convinced that it checks the files installed before the Online content is downloaded.

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