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John T. Haller
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Application: AppCompactor
Description: AppCompactor™ allows you to easily compress applications to decrease size on disk and increase performance when running from slow media like flash drives.

This test updated AppCompactor to use hea's additions to handle everything in a single window and add the ability to include/exclude files and extensions via appinfo.ini. UPX and 7-Zip are also updated to their latest versions.

The addition to appinfo.ini is as follows:


All entries are optional and assumed blank. The above FilesExclude will exclude the MSVC++ runtimes from compression. The AdditionalExtensionsExcluded will exclude .pyd and .irc files. The AdditionalExtensionsIncluded will include .acme and .beta files. Pipes | are used to separate entries.

One final note, the AppID has changed from AppCompactor to PortableApps.comAppCompactor to match our other utilities (launcher, installer). This installer will incorporate your settings from your existing version and delete the old version automatically.

Please give this a try, particularly the new appinfo.ini bits. If all goes as planned, we'll launch a PA.c Format update next week to add these in, making app packaging easier.

Download AppCompactor 2.0 Pre-Release 2 (1MB download / 1MB installed)
MD5: c2ae3c300e688c4f5cbafc8edf29d5a7
Source: App (included), 7-Zip and UPX in our SourceForge project

Pre-Release 2: Added full progress bar handling so it accurately displays progress for all modes. Changed appinfo.ini section name.

John T. Haller
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Last seen: 28 min 17 sec ago
Joined: 2005-11-28 22:21
Pre-Release 2

I added in full progress bar handling so now it will always show accurate progress regardless of the size of the app. I also changed the appinfo.ini section to AppCompactor as the full name looked a bit unwieldy.

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All working

All working as expected here.

Although it took me a little while to realise that to get the appinfo stuff working you had to run it over the main AppNamePortable folder rather than AppNamePortable\App\AppName, which is what I'd always previously done.

Works great in the SendTo menu as well, as do the Installer & Launcher.

The links in the help file to the homepage are broken though.

And is there any chance of being able to save a log somewhere convenient?

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