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EraserDrop - Issue with 'Exit' Parameter on System Shutdown

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EraserDrop - Issue with 'Exit' Parameter on System Shutdown

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I think this may be a slight issue with EraserDrop Portable.

Scenario: Use EraserDrop Portable so much that have it to auto-launch on system startup. Have also set a shortcut to it that passes the 'exit' parameter to EraserDrop. Put the shortcut in the Start Menu 'Shutdown' folder - so EraserDrop should be shutdown as the system shuts down. This works fine except for what is happening in the %TEMP% folder.

In that folder EraserDrop creates an 'ns*.tmp' file and a folder 'ns*.tmp', the folder contains a file 'System.dll'. At shutdown, when EraserDrop is sent the 'exit' parameter, the 'ns*.tmp' file gets deleted fine. However, the 'ns*.tmp' folder, and the dll it contains, does not get deleted. Don't know if this is a bug as such. Would be nice if on being sent the 'exit' parameter at shutdown both the files and the folder would be deleted.

Perhaps should also mention that if I use the same shortcut to exit EraserDrop and the system isn't shutting down then the file, the folder and the dll do get deleted.

If you are looking for suggestions to develop EraserDrop a little further then would like to suggest the following:

Both the tray icon and the target image right-click menus have a 'Hide' option. Selecting either of them hides the target image - the tray icon remains. Would suggest that using the 'Hide' from the tray icon hides the target icon - as it does at present. But would be nice if selecting 'Hide' at the target image menu hides the tray icon (with, of course, a single left-click on the target image leading to the tray icon being restored). This would be useful if, for example, the target icon was not set to 'Always on Top' and the icon itself was behind say a window. In that way no one sees the target icon. However, the tray icon is visible at all times. But setting up in the way suggested EraserDrop could still be easily available, but without the tray icon visible. (Hope that makes sense.)

Hope this helps and thanks very much for a usable portable re-work of the old style Eraser. (Don't like the Eraser v6.x series much at all. At the least, several hundreds of megabytes of .NET have to be installed just to run it. Argh.)