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Thunderbird on PC & USB drive

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Thunderbird on PC & USB drive

I have been using portable Thunderbird off my USB for some time now. I am now planning to use Thunderbird as my main Email client on my PC. I wish to continue to use my USB drive to take my Email around with me, when I am not carrying my laptop.

How do I ;

1. Move my existing Email from my USB drive to my laptop.

2. How do I keep Thunderbird on my laptop in sync with T'bird on my USB.

Thanks in advance.


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One obvious way

is to use the USB stick for all your email access.

I put all my portable applications in a directory on my hard drive and then from time to time recopy them to the USB stick.
What changes most is Thunderbird and my Bookmarks. To save time you could just copy the Data directories of Thunderbird and Foxfire.

There is a commercial program that compares directories, that I use sometimes use. and look for Comparator Pro.


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I wouldn't try to

I wouldn't try to synchronize. PTB is fast enough to run portably even with USB1.1.


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I sync.

I personally sync. Check out

Basically I sync between my USB drive and my PC, and I just run it from my PC. This method probably falls apart if you go back and forth between internet cafe's and such, but I find it blazingly fast for doing what I need it to.

I also mention some free syncing tools in my post above.

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