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Open Office app in Sandisk u3 setting

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Open Office app in Sandisk u3 setting

Does anyone know how to put the icon for this portable open office portable app in the sandisk u3 smart program lineup. I need to keep the u3 software for password protection od the drive. I had the u3 software for open offie but cant acess the site anymore. I need to put this open office software on my drive but would like it in the program lineup so i can just click to open it. It currently is in my documents

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I used it years ago and it worked well so I guess it still does although I havent tried it lately.

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I hate to promote myself...

but I'll show you anyway:

I made it myself!

But its not really a shortcut creator, but rather it creates a whole .u3p file for your app. (It might take a while since OO.o is huge)

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