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Possible Flaw in logic for File Checks?

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Possible Flaw in logic for File Checks?

After running some tests to see if I wanted to switch over to Toucan. I think I've found a logical flaw causing a changed file to never be copied.

For example If I create a test Sync job with the settings
File Checks->File Size, Modified Time, and Short Comparison

Ok now lets say I just want to sync one file test.txt whose contents are:
this is a test file.

Now upon first run this copies the file since it is not present on the destination. Good works there.

Next I change test.txt contents to: (Note the capitalization of the t)
This is a test file.

Now when I run this, it does not copy the file since the file size is the same, even though the Modified Time is different, and the Short Comparison is different.

It seems that the internal logic is OR'd rather than AND'd. Am I missing something? Shouldn't it try each test until False? and not until True?
For instance.
File Size is the same, keep going.
Modified Time is the different, copy the file.


Steve Lamerton
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are indeed correct, this should already be fixed in the latest pre-release which you can find here. Thanks for the report Smile

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