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How to make TB Portable 314 smaller

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How to make TB Portable 314 smaller

Hi Guys, (and other gals),

I have been using TB Portable 3.0.nn and just downloaded 3.1.4.
I actually use most all programs from and run them from my HDD.
My question is this: In some of the newer versions of the pgms, there is included an application(?) launcher from in the paf file, plus other files.

How do I, or What files can I delete from the installation/expansion of the paf file that is NOT needed to run the pgm from a HDD, without a portable apps menu system?

Thanks a bunch!
SueN ;>)

John T. Haller
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Like 100k

The stuff that makes up PA.c Format is used by the platform, the installer and the updater. Even if you don't use the platform or updater, it's still necessary for upgrades, so it shouldn't be messed with. It's only 100k anyway.

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