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TeamViewer Portable leaves stuff behind

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TeamViewer Portable leaves stuff behind

The current available version of TeamViewer Portable (5.1.9160) leaves behind a log file at %appdata%\TeamViewer.

John T. Haller
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Disable Logging

Logging is disabled in TeamViewer Portable for this very reason (and no settings can be saved).

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Account Sign On

Is this the same reason that you can't have TV remember your username and password, or sign you in automatically upon execution? (those options are greyed out for me) Or is this an unrelated issue? e.g. limitation of free version

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Why is logging turned on...

This is a clean install of TeamViewer portable...
Why is the logging turned on in the first place Pardon

You can't save any settings the normal way...
There is an option to export the settings and then place them in a specific location to use the with TeamViewer portable.

EDIT: Perhaps this is caused by TeamViewer loading the wrong ini?
There is an .ini in the App folder containg settings to disable logging and such.
But the .ini in default data (which also then gets copied to data) only contains the serial code placeholder.
So maybe it is loading the settings from the data folder .ini and ignoring the .ini in the app folder, thus the behaviour we are seeing?

Constantin F.
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Why is logging turned on...

@segev208: TeamViewer Portable has by default no logging turned on, so neither is something written in the registry nor something is logged.

TeamViewer uses the .ini file in the folder where the TeamViewer.exe is placed (App->teamviewer). If you have the settings in the .ini file as follows and TeamViewer is in that folder it won't leave traces on your PC.

You either changed the .ini file or you run the TeamViewer.exe from somewhere else where the .ini file is not available to provide the settings. In this case TeamViewer Portable uses the registry and logs the connections.

Hope this helps understanding TeamViewer better. Let me know if it worked out.

Constantin Falcoianu
TeamViewer Germany

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This is a clean install of

This is a clean install of TeamViewer portable...

I installed a clean version of TeamViewer portable from here

And it still created a log file under %appdata%\TeamViewer
And it did have the .ini you specified in the right place.

The log file contains the following:

2010/10/13 14:36:48.159 5848 2512 G1 TV.dll loaded
2010/10/13 14:36:48.237 5848 2512 G1 Opening local TCP connection to
2010/10/13 14:36:49.267 5848 2512 G1!! Local TCP connection failed with error 10061
2010/10/13 14:36:50.557 5848 2512 G1!! CInterProcessGUI::InstallAndStartService() exception: CServiceConfiguration::CServiceConfiguration() OpenSCManager failed, Errorcode=5
2010/10/13 14:36:50.666 5848 2512 G1!! CTcpProcessConnector::CloseConnection(): Shutdown socket returned error: The file handle supplied is not valid

And it does this on any computer I use it on.

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Same here...

Leaves a log file in that folder...

It also requests admin rights(UAC)...If you cancel, then the folder remains empty. If you grant it then it leaves the file.

EDIT: BTW on a fresh install, the enable logging in advanced settings is ticked...

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confirm on XP

on my XP, yes the ini file is correctly set, logging off, in the GUI the loggins is ticked on fresh install.
The folder on my side is created, but is left empty.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Already suggested some changes for next portable version

@Darkbee: Yes. TeamViewer will only keep settings when nosave=0.

I already elaborated twice on these effects — and how the next upcoming Portable TeamViewer could (and should) easily be changed, in my opinion:

TeamViewer 5.1.9192 -- suggested changes
TeamViewer 5.1.9290 -- suggested changes

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I agree

I agree with your changes.
It should indeed be possible to create a launcher that can save TeamViewer Portable settings.

But, I think this portable version comes directly from the developer, and who knows how willing they are to create such a launcher.

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