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[Fixed] Chrome loses theme under Windows 7

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[Fixed] Chrome loses theme under Windows 7

I installed the wood grain Desktop theme into Google Chrome Portable on a college Windows XP SP3 machine where (I believe) I did not have admin rights. The theme installed without issue.

I have found that when using Chrome on other Windows XP college machines, under other accounts, with or without admin rights, the theme has worked.

However when launching Google Chrome Portable at home on the Windows 7 machine Chrome reverts to it's default theme. I have tried installing the theme under Windows 7 but get an error message, the text of which I do not have available at the moment as I am in class.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

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This should be related to path...

This should be related to the path of your PA.c. If you worked, that means that the drive letter of your drive hasn't changed. If the drive letter has changed, it will not work.
I also have the problem, but I didn't tried to solve it, finally didn't used any themes.

There may be a workaround, is to use the "subst" command on Windows. This command creates a "fake" drive that links to a path. In this case, you can use "subst Z: X:\" to make drive "Z:" links to your drive "X:"'s root directory. to unregister, use "subst Z: /D" to remove the fake drive.

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