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Replacing the U3 Platform with PAM

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Replacing the U3 Platform with PAM

It has come to my attention that SanDisk ceased support of u3 launchpad and related software on or around 2010-08-18. when i found this out i started looking for one of 2 things: all the software that i wanted for my u3, or a replacement to the u3 launchpad. my searching lead me to

To make a long story short, through trial and error i was able to compleatly replace the U3Launchpad software with the latest version of This and have that run the current version of PAM.

Would any one want the instructions on how to do this all in one place?

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i want

yes please share with me, my email is stewie_frikin[[at]]hotmail[[dot]]com
also, do u know how to theme the latest version of the portableapps suite?
and is it posible to make any usb work like a u3?
thanks in advance

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