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"Safe" Global Hotkeys

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"Safe" Global Hotkeys

Does anybody know of a combination of keys that can be used safely on Windows 7 without conflicts?

To give some background, I have a number of apps that support global hotkeys (auto-complete in Keepass for example) but have run into problems when moving from XP to Windows 7. Windows XP itself had, comparatively speaking very few hotkeys, but it seems Windows 7 is on a mission to take over the entire keyboard.

For example, I can no longer use Win-Key+{a number}, since that does something or other, and even when I press combinations of keys like CTRL+ALT+{letter}, that does something as well.

Are there "safe" combinations of keys that doesn't involve pressing 12 keys simultaneously, thus requiring not only fingers but toes as well? For example, could I safely use SHIFT+WIN-KEY+{letter}, knowing those are never tied to any Windows functions? Being able to perform the key-presses single-handed would be ideal (no funny jokes please). :|