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Seeking older version (version 2) of Thunderbird Portable

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Seeking older version (version 2) of Thunderbird Portable

On SourceForge all I can find is as the latest 2 release version.
I tried version 3 and it was horrible.

Are there any versions later than that I can download (but still version 2)? On the desktop I am using (non-portable version) so I was kind of hoping I could use something a bit fresher than the year 2007 in portable form.

Thanks for any help!

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Here. After, they were released in our main project.

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John T. Haller
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Drop It

I would *HIGHLY* suggest you stop using 2.x of Thunderbird on your desktop and portably. It is end-of-lifed so any security issues with it will go unreported, untracked and unpatched.

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thanks to both of you

Simeon. Great, exactly what I was looking for!

John. Good point, but I'm not too worried about possible security risks from older software. I really dislike what they've done with version 3 and can't see myself using it for the forseeable future.

Thanks guys.

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What specifically about 3.0 don't you like?

I'll admit that at first I didn't like that "Unified Folders" (Smart Folders) view, which was one of the big changes; but it's easy enough to switch back to the old view.
The search also seemed a bit weird, but after I got used to it I found it to be useful.
The only other big change was the tabs, right?

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3, Takes Some Time

I agree 3 takes some getting used to but the "Smart Folders" are actually incredibly helpful.

The search I actually find I don't use much (it never seems to return the results I want) but filters on the other hand are invaluable.

The tabbed interface works fine for me since I'm used to tabbed browsing.

To the original poster, what you're doing is akin to saying that you're not going to use Windows XP/7 but stick with Windows 98 instead. Sure it will work, but it's a big security risk. Have you considered using a different email client? I'm sure there are other options besides Thunderbird.

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Darkbee, yes I have considered a different email client but I'm using Enigmail so I don't want to (can't?) switch from Thunderbird. It does almost everything I want and (almost) the way I want it.

The only other thing I'd like to see is the ability for Thunderbird to import its own mail much like Outlook or Outlook Express can import its own PST file or mail folder. I'm not sure why they haven't done this yet 'cause it seems obvious.

Anyway, I just don't like version 3 for several reasons I'd rather not get into a debate about. Much like I prefer Windows 2000 and XP to Vista and Windows 7; it's a preference I have for a variety of reasons.

Incidentally I think the 2000/NT/Vista/7 is a bigger security risk than 9x/ME and has been for some time. Simply 'cause more people are using it and it's targeted by spyware and malware authors and virus authors a lot more.

I'm generally careful with the net and haven't been concerned with the bleeding-edge for some time (and haven't been infected for years). I consider email on Thunderbird pretty secure compared to so many other more likely ways to get infections.

Thanks for your thoughts guys. I'm glad it's working for you but the latest Thunderbird is just not for me.

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