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TBP 3.1.7 "Empty Folders" Syndrome

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Michael Anthony
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TBP 3.1.7 "Empty Folders" Syndrome

Ever since upgrading to Thunderbird Portable 3+, I noticed that something goes wrong whenever I plug my memory-stick into an offline machine: Every IMAP folder disappears, and only leaves an empty Inbox.

It does, however, remember which accounts I have installed.

All the mail seems to be present in Data\Profiles.

Deleting the header index files (.msf) doesn't seem to do the trick.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate (offline machine), and Windows XP SP2 (online machine, internet cafe).

Any ideas?

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I'd need help with this

I'd need help with this too.

(using TBP 3.1.9 on windows xp (both online/offline)

Edit: someone posted similar issue here and here

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you're offline ...

so thunderbird can't get to the imap (online) folders.

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