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Parameters on launcher

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Parameters on launcher

I have an app that requires some command line parameters. Trying
Start2=App\foo.exe -param

causes the application to fail to even launch. Any ideas?

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I don't know if you're doing

I don't know if you're doing it correctly. The [Control] section in the AppInfo.ini (I think you refer to that) is just for starting the launcher and not for starting the base app. The launcher then takes over to start the base app, with command line parameters if needed. That is defined in the [Launch] section of the so called launcher.ini (then named after your launcher executables name).
The Launcher can take care of most issues like moving directories, backing up or deleting registries and more.
There is a very rescourceful manual for the Launcher, I advise to read, here.


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not meant to

The appinfo.ini file provides information about the app to the platform so it shows up faster. It just points to the exe and is not meant to have parameters passed or anything. For parameters and more advanced portabalisation stuff, you'll need the Launcher as deep.jones already pointed out.

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