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Absolute paths in various PortableApp.ini files

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Absolute paths in various PortableApp.ini files

I know this probably goes against the grain, but I was wondering if there's a way to put an absolute path in the ini file used by various portable apps. I've tried this with 2 programs (Thunderbird & OpenOffice) and in both cases it seems that absolute paths are not honored.

For example, in OpenOfficePortable.ini I've tried every variation I can think of for this line:


The above line causes open office portable to not start with the error "The user interface language cannot be determined", while inside the OpenOfficePortable directory it creates a new directory structure along the lines of .\OpenOfficePortable\d\OpenOffice\Settings\user...

If I change the above to a relative directory it works fine.

The rest of this is some background:
I'm trying to come up with a PortableApp structure where all executables are wrapped into a single ISO and the user data files are in a parallel directory structure. Since the executables are in the ISO, I can't use a relative directory so instead I'm using the "subst" command in my start-up batch to create another virtual drive letter for my user files - and so I'd love if I could get these .ini files to map to this other drive letter.

If anyone's interested I can elaborate on why I'm doing this (for one, it's a lot faster to copy a single ISO than thousands of small files onto flash drives) - right now I am able to get Firefox to run directly off an ISO mounted on a flash drive with settings stored in a parallel directory on the same flash drive (but I cheated and am directly using Firefox instead of Firefox-portable because of this problem).

Any tips appreciated.

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Absolute paths are unsupported and the ability to do custom Settings paths is deprecated. It gets pretty complicated and it's not really the core point of portable software. Many apps use relative paths internally in the launcher so wouldn't support an absolute path anyway.

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